Gometxa Alava (Spain)

Jesús Peñarrubia Franco

Jesús Peñarrubia Franco

From a very young age he became interested in music and at the age of six he entered the School of Music of Cabezo de Torres (Murcia), and at ten he entered the Conservatory of Murcia (Spain). He has studied Percussion, Piano and Pedagogy of Language and Music Education, finishing his studies in 2013. He has finished the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training.

He is a teacher, pianist and composer. He has collaborated in different groups, being the most outstanding NEUMAN, alternative rock group famous in Spain and nominated for the Independent Music Awards and the MTV AWARDS, with which he has played in most festivals in the country (FIB, Granada Sound, Neox, Arts Festival, etc.) and has filled the most prestigious venues in Madrid such asJoy Eslava and La Riviera.

He has been nominated and awarded several times at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and The Akademia Music in Los Angeles and now Jesús combines his teaching at the Conservatory with collaborations and compositions for classical orchestra, piano and instrumental music, minimalist, pop and rock.

Jesús Peñarrubia Franco info & releases


  • Time (Obligated Work in the National Competition of Bands Ciudad de Murcia 2013)
  • Olas del Mediterráneo (Order by Segorbe Management Course)
  • De laureles y de rosas (Bicentennial Don Bosco, Salesianos commission)
  • Universe (Collection of 10 songs based on the Universe) – Next release in 2019 with the Youth Orchestra of Orfeón Fernández Caballero.


  • Miscelánea del Amor y el Dolor – Minimalist music (Piano, guitar, drums and string orchestra)
  • Uno entre mil millones (Rosetta Editions) – Minimalist Music (Piano)


  • Mi ciudad de Edo (Neo Music Box, 2013) – TEMAS INCÓMODOS
  • Alicia en ningún lugar (Paco Neuman, La Sala de Máquinas, 2015) – TEMAS
  • INCÓMODOS De plomo y paz (Neo Music Box, 2015) – INCÓMODOS
  • I love you (Paco Loco, 2016) – NEUMAN
  • 360º (Carlos Hernández, La Sala de Máquinas, 2018) – LA LÍNEA ROJA


  • Claire, by Josh Jackson (New York).
  • La caseta de nines, by Inma Espinach (ESCAC).
  • LBRNT, by Santiago Usoz (Sitges).
  • La complicitat, by Lluis Muñoz Prandiella.
  • Z FEST, by David Cordero, premiered in Sitges.


  • Infinite (Universe) – Nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2014 (Los Ángeles).
  • Leviathan – Winner at The Akademia Awards 2015 (Los Ángeles) – Best Rock Song.
  • A reason – Nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2018 (Los Ángeles).
  • A reason – Winner at The Akademia Awards 2015 (Los Ángeles) – Best Ambient / Instrumental Song.