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Susanne Sommerer

Susanne Sommerer

Susanne SOMMERER (www.susannesommerer.com) was born close to Vienna into a family wich is very dedicated to music and arts.
At the age of four she started getting violin lessons. She used to sing in different choirs at school and over time she became the soloist.

Still playing the violin she moved to Vienna to study classical singing.
In her early times in Vienna she was part of the ensemble of NEUE OPER WIEN singing solo parts and being on tour with the ensemble in Germany, Switzerland und Austria.
In 2006 she moved to Italy for one year working as a singer and conductor. Especially in that time she started to write pop and dance songs. Susanne knows to play the violin, the piano and the guitar.
In 2009 Susanne started her new dance project under the name of SURISAN.
Her debut single “Where have you gone” (Arc Records) was really successful especially in Turkey (No. 1 Hit), Ukraine and Asia. Even with her follow up songs “I believe”, “I ́m on fire”, “The only one”, “Give it up” she could live up to her earlier success.
Back in Vienna she started her studies of “Pop and Jazz Singing”and graduated in 2012 with honors. Winning the “LACM Music Award 2014” she was invited to spend two weeks in Los Angeles working with great musicians and music producers.

At the adoption of the former Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer she earned a lot of applause for her composition “President’s Song”.
Combinig her second passion sports with music, Susanne started to compose for different teams: In 2017 she released the hymn “Wölfe vereint” for the Austrian soccer team “SKN St.Pölten” who is playing in Seria A.
In 2018 followed the the Italian song “Insieme” for the Italien Ski Team and their fan club “Sarone con gli azzurri”.

Now, living in Milan, Italy, Susanne Sommerer is singing with different bands – especially in Austria , Germany and Italy and has just finished her new project “Perfect World” with Jesús Peñarrubia, renowned Spanish composer and pianist, which will be released in Spain, Austria and Italy.

Susanne Sommerer info & releases


  • Missa Fac Bonum, Youth Choir Christkindl, 2000 (live CD)
  • Christkindler Dreigesang, 2001 (live CD)
  • Markus Passion by Reinhard Keiser, 2003 (live CD)


  • Where have you gone, Single, 2010
  • I believe, Single, 2011
  • The only one, Single, 2011
  • I ́m on fire, Single, 2011
  • The Remixes, 2012
  • Give it up, Single, 2014
  • Where have you gone, Single, 2018 – remixed by DJ Melih Aydogan (Turkey)

POP - English

  • Under Prai2ure Vol. 2, 2003
  • Before you leave, Projekt Pop! – Sampler, Single, 2010

POP - German

  • Pensionssong, fingerpicker.de – Sampler, Single, 2012
  • Du und i, Single, 2016
  • Wölfe vereint, Single, 2017

POP - Italian

  • Insieme, Single, 2018


  • Das leere Buch, premiere 2014 – Composition and direction
  • Johannes und Greta, premiere 2018 – Composition and direction


  • HOAMATXANG Concurso, 2o, con el proyecto bina:sue*, 2008
  • LACM Music Awards, Winner, 2014